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The archive consists of the records of several hundred companies that were acquired or merged into Fletcher Challenge Limited. Its documents, photographs, films, videos and oral histories provide an insight into New Zealand business development since the 1840s — particularly in the building and construction, forestry, pulp and paper, and energy sectors.

100 years of endeavour

In 2009, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the first Fletcher business in New Zealand. The fletchersince1909 website provides an insight into the tradition of imagination, hard work, and successful entrepreneurship that has since been associated with the Fletcher name.

Online, on display: Winstone Stucco Homes

In 1864 William Winstone established what was initially a cartage company. The business grew to be of national significance in the building trade, quarrying and aggregates, manufacturing and forestry. This movie shows a number of the stucco homes built with Winstone aggregates.
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What's new: Winstone Ltd photographic collection

W & G Winstone's first coal depot at the old Auckland railway station 1864

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Winstone 90th Anniversary

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